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  • On the war in Israel and Gaza

    Numa, Inc. stands with the people – regardless of religion, denomination, ethnicity, nationality, or race – whose lives were shattered by the recent eruption of the conflict in Israel and the Gaza Strip. The use of military violence, or any other form of oppression on both sides, has been, and remains, unacceptable for us.

  • Numa Welcomes Wojciech I. Olejniczak as a New Board Member!

    More news from Numa! We’re happy to greet Wojciech I. Olejniczak of TRES Foundation from Poland as a new Board member! Wojciech is an artist, a photographer, an award winning documentalist, an archivist, a curator, a documentary film maker, as well as a director of the Zbąszyń Museum. Wojciech has an amazing professional experience. In…

  • NPR’s Special Series: Ukraine invasion — explained


  • Healing a Community – Healing in a Community: Michigan State Basketball

    A message from Coach Izzo from Michigan State. This is what healing is – we heal in a community. Thank you Coach! Spartan Strong!

  • PTSD

    Do you want to know how PTSD works? Mother Nature gives us an example. David Attenborough Club recently posted on FB on how Holly’s leaves change shape if nibbled by deer – edges of “unstressed” leaves have oval shape but if “traumatized” they fold into spikes protecting a plant from being attacked again. Anger, aggression,…